Redeploy budgets that align better to employee need and to your desired business objectives

Find cost saving opportunities in your employee benefits package

Data and analytics driven approach to keep employee engagement and retention high

Participant Experience

Data Collection

Submit data online using the Aon’s Data Collection Form 

Survey Design

Questions are designed to force the selection of trade-offs: this reveals the real and percieved importance of an element

Survey Training

Understand how to access the tool and use the report with help of Aon experts 

How can Total Rewards Optimization help?

Current Value

Enables assess the current value of your Rewards program - understanding, satisfaction and perceived competitiveness 

Optimise Employee Benefits

Helps analyse key employee segments and enables identification and optimization of key benefits plans and preferences

Quantify RoI of Rewards Spends

Enables identification of Rewards that help retain and engage employees

Connect with us to learn more about Total Rewards Optimization tool, the design of our survey questionnaire, reporting options and pricing details.  

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