Building Resilience: Managing employee cost through rewards interventions and conservative workforce strategy

Supporting Recovery: Cautious redeployment to targeted business segments through performance linked rewards

Leading the Restart: Anticipate deeper and accelerated structural changes to incentive schemes and the way we work

Proactive Measures on Short Term Incentives

Enhanced Focus on RoI of Incentives

How to shift focus away from top-line towards bottom-line measures? 

Introduce Affordability Tests and Caps

How to introduce affordability caps to ensure sustainable incentive cost management and pay for performance?

Establish Bonus Reserves

What is the right balance between immediate payout and funding the bonus reserve?

Proactive Measures on Long Term Incentives

Introduce Relative TSR as a Key Performance Indicator

Provides payout opportunity even in down cycles, but how do you select the right peer for your company?

Introduce a Tier below Threshold Performance

Addresses employee motivation by adjusting baseline performance to reflect new realities, but how should you peg this additional tier?

Repurpose to a Transformation LTI

The additional longer-term LTI grant helps maintain employees’ pay opportunity, but how do you define a successful outcome?

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