We are witnessing a truly unprecedented 2020. But it is about time to gaze into the future and guide our organizations to not only survive but excel in the new normal. As the disruptions continue, there is an ongoing demographic, sociological and cultural transformation through HR practices and policies developed specifically for these times and beyond.

The key for businesses today, is striking a balance between fueling business growth and optimizing costs - all this while ensuring health and wellness of the workforce. As organizations find ways to tackle these challenges, with this conference, we strive to charge up clarity, shed light and uncover a new road-map for Rewards in the post pandemic era.

14th October 2020: Leading from the Front

What does it take for organizations to be robust and resilient in times of crisis? Is there a growth mantra that works for all?

We take a deep dive basis our research and hear from global industry leaders on how organizations are navigating the downturn. We take you through an expert's point of view on where the economy is headed and how it is changing the rules for executive pay in India.

15th October 2020: The Economics of Rewards

How has the 2020 downturn impacted Talent and Rewards market? Are we looking at a Rewards evolution in India, come 2021?

We present our perspective from our research on evolution of rewards in the developing nations and get key perspectives from HR leaders on the how 2020 has changed the economics of Talent and Rewards in the country.

16th October 2020: The Future of Rewards

How has the compensation landscape in India changed? Are agile organizations finally here? What does 2021 hold in store for Rewards leaders?

We share our point of view on the future of salaries and talent in India and hear from Rewards Heads of major organizations across the country on what 2021 looks like for the Rewards decision makers in the country.

Register for Aon’s 14th Annual Rewards Conference 2020, where we analyze and present the latest market trends in the space of Rewards, showcase some inspired cases across successful organizations and converse with business leaders and domain experts.


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